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Information to international students in Sweden

If you are in Sweden to study for a short period of time it is usually easiest to use your domestic bank account for your daily finances during your stay here in Sweden.

Citizens from EU/EEA can often pay their bills and make transfers to Sweden free of charge by a SEPA-payment and use Debit/Credit card for store and online purchase.

Are you going to stay in Sweden for a longer period or need a bank account here in Sweden to, for example, receiving salary for a part time job, please visit seb.se/newinsweden for information how to apply.

Please note that one of the requirements for opening an account is that you need to show documents of the origin of the money if you intend to send money to the account for your subsistence. If these money comes from a sender other than yourself, we do also need information about and from the sender.

Please be aware that before start of semester it is always a lot of applications from students to banks. Therefore we recommend you to send in your application well in advance before you need your account. If you follow the process you will hear from us within 10 banking days.

Please remember to terminate your banking services before you leave Sweden!

Our offer to customers with a valid foreign proof of identity

  • Private bank account
  • SEB Debit Limited (card)
  • Digital payment service
  • Telephone banking self-service

You can add the following options:

  • Savings account
  • Payment service with envelopes

For more information about our products and prices