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Become a customer – guide for asylum seekers

Are you asylum seeker and have a LMA card? Here is a guide on how to become a customer at SEB and which documents you need.

Required documents:

  • LMA card with designation “AT-UND”.
  • Copy of your passport.

Guide: How to become a customer at SEB

  1. Read this checklist thoroughly.
    Checklist (pdf)
  2. Print out this Customer Information Form.
    Customer Information Form (pdf)
  3. Fill in the Customer Information Form. Please note that all questions in the form are mandatory to answer. If you answer 'Yes' in a question you need to provide the requested details.
  4. Take copies of the required documents that are mentioned in the checklist.
  5. Send the filled in Customer Information Form and copies of required documents in an envelope to the address stated in the checklist (no stamp needed).

We will get back to you once we have received and proccessed your documents.

Identification requirements

Additional information about proof of identity is available from the Swedish Bankers' Association. 

Becoming a bank customer (swedishbankers.se)

Customer service