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What are the costs?

The Reduction in Yield (RIY) shows what impact the total costs you pay will have on the investment return you might get. The total costs take into account one-off, ongoing and incidental costs. The amounts shown here are the cumulative costs of the product itself, for the recommended holding period. They include potential early exit penalties. The figures are estimates and may change in the future. The person selling you or advising you about this product may charge you other costs.

Investment principal amount assumed of EUR or USD 10,000 (relevant currency as stated in the "Cost amount" column), or SEK 100,000.

All costs are either one-off "Entry costs", or occasionally "Exit costs" too. These are the impact of the costs already included in the price. This includes the costs of distribution of your product.

These figures are taken from the accompanying PRIIPS website (https://sebgroup.com/our-offering/markets-and-trading/regulatory-costs-and-charges/mifid/priips ) - if there is any discrepancy in the disclosed values, the costs presented in this document shall be relied upon.

Clarification: in all cases these costs are "embedded" in the overall price of the product, based on SEB's policies for determining costs, being calculated as the all-in price to the client, relative to the relevant "Reference Price". For liquid instruments, this Reference Price will be the market price (bid/offer) at the time of the trade, whilst for less liquid instruments, the Reference Price is based on the Fair Value for the instrument, as reasonably determined by SEB.

Where the agreement to buy or sell a financial instrument is concluded using means of distance communication (such as phone or chat), which prevents the prior delivery of the information on costs and charges, SEB may provide the information on costs and charges either in an electronic format or on paper where requested by a retail client without undue delay after the conclusion of the transaction. The client may delay the conclusion of the transaction until they have received such information, or can agree to receive the information without undue delay after the conclusion of the transaction.