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Our house rules on SEB social media accounts

We welcome interaction with users, and we are happy to talk with you in the comments. But we urge you to respect laws, the social media platforms’ own rules, and our house rules.

The baseline for interaction at SEB Social Media accounts

  • respect people and their point of view.
  • strive to be constructive and positive.
  • maintain a positive and inclusive tone of voice.

Comments and content shall follow the law. We won’t allow comments:

  • that bully, harass or intimidate a person or an organization,
  • are racist or sexist or in any other way degrading content or comments,
  • or in some other way are violating the law.

Such comments will be erased and the user will be blocked from the SEB account, and if necessary reported to the social media platform.

If the comment breaks the law also be reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Your comment or content can also be erased and you risk being blocked from the account if you publish comments that

  • you or someone close gain economically from the message
  • is to be labeled advertising for competitors or competing products
  • is used to research and gather information from other users
  • is repetitive or disruptive, or spam

We will hide any personal information you share in comments and underneath posts for safety reasons, and we strongly urge you not to give out such information in open text. Use direct messaging where applicable or call us at +46 (0) 771-365 365